In honor of Montessori week, here is a video from that describes one of our Montessori works. Hope you enjoy! 
4/23/2012 02:29:15 pm

Information about the daycare school is realy good. Its good also for the parents, because they can easy trust on them. And you are sharing something very useful information about that. This is a interesting topic, thank you for taking the time to start up this discussion.

4/28/2016 03:18:48 am

Play is the way young children learn and develop ideas about the world and how it works, acquire the skills of critical thinking and leadership, learn to solve problems and feel good about their ability to learn. Play helps develop self-regulation, language, cognition and social competence. When children are given a chance to engage in self-initiated play and exploratory learning, they become highly skilled in the art of self-education and self-reflection. Play builds a strong foundation in pre-academic thinking, equipping them for skills training as they progress from one level to another in their formal schooling years.

At Yatra, we believe in the power of play in nurturing your child as a holistic being with a zest for life and learning.


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